Starcraft 2 – The LowDown

Starcraft 2 Online

To begin with Starcraft 2 is a great game. Hard not to mention extremely complicated. Understanding that isn’t going anywhere. So let’s look at the lowdown.


The Protoss have potent shield units called the Zealots and the Colossus, who restore damage once they have been damaged. The Colossus is especially good at killing bigger units like Marines, Marauders and Zerglings. It also has the power to hit air units.

You can make the Colossus expensive – around $10,000 base price with a base armor of 3. So yeah, not cheap. It does have decent hit points and damage however. The hit points aren’t great, but the damage it does sometimes horizontal enemies to make up for it. The Robotics facility building allows for the production of the Colossus’ stronger armor (which does increase its hit points a lot, godlike). Also adding in the special abilities of the Colossus it has, it is very arguably the best Terran unit.


The Marauder is kind of your mini Asteriod attack. It’s got a 5000 damage stunfider and deals a good 400 damage. It can be made from the barracks after building a tech lab, and have an extra 100 agility to it. Which allows it to be very effective against units like mutalisks. The Marauder can also be made into the personal siege tank of the Terran armies, very effective on their large grounds.

You can build one of these in 1,5 seconds, attach a fuel rod to it, then fire it at any distance units. It is affected by terrain and also affects any units nearby by splash damage.


These Zerg units are considered the main fighting units of the Zerg. They are Mutalisks. They move very fast. The Zergling its very fast and has no armor, and at the same time deals massive damage to any units with faster movement or attacks. These are the main units the Zergs use to attack.

The only thing is that it needs to be feed it with Zerglings food, before it can attack. These are the main fighting units of the Zergs, used to make Infestors, and as a spire.


TheProtossare your air units. They are very weak, but in a fight are is very needed. They are the good base unit against most units, being able to attack air and ground.

The zealots are the main fighting units, they are good at killing many small units, like marines, zealots, zerglings. They are good against marauders, and colossi that even took over base comprehension. But really, if you are a ground army, you should not be facing the zealots, especially in large numbers.


They have two abilities which actually do a whole of damage. One สล็อตเว็บตรง is Immortal’sMass Recall(Pylon to anywhere, no longer uses food). Whenever this ability is active, any enemy unit in target receives bonus experience. Also shields provides mini health, which gets drained a lot faster, and so the Immortal can use for new spell effects.

They do less damage than the marines, but with their shield and armor boost they are the best ground unit you can recruit Aside from their new abilities, they are just like the marines or zealots, in that they can be evolved from a barracks into a ground unit.


The Zerg units are the mean little roaches, price for not being a mass recall. They have the same advantages and disadvantages that any unit has. They are the fastest ground unit in the game, not being attacked by units, and also because they can burrow, can heal from the Creep. Roaches are also very cheap, and spawn only by focusing on the Hatchery alone. Another strategy is to spawn hydralisks from the Infestation.

Aside from Roaches, the Zerg can also evolve into the incredible Infestor. This unit is like the old zerg roach, but allot much stronger. Infestors do MONTHS of damage, and can also use their abilities. Another hero to be mentioned is the Hydralisk.

attained from spawning broodling

ams well as the speed upgrade from the Hydralisk cavern

have to be constructed as supply Nexuses can be used to underground as well as air, and are incredible against units, combining hits and runs with their sheer speed. These are just the basics of the starcraft 2 terran units. Once you acquire sufficient info you should be able to beat your opponent using these units.