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Food Politics

Food has long been a medium for those who seek to capture the eye and root the emotions of others. Whether it’scandied sweet potatoes,banana split, orapple pie, it’s easy to see why food has capture so much meaning for so many people. Food is more than just something we eat. It’s a medium for socialization and a way to bond with family and friends. Always remember to enjoy the food you eat, because it all comes from the same harvest ground.

So, what’s my advice?  Try to avoid over-complicating your life.  The idea that you might be living life as much as possible by daydreaming about health products is, well, sad.  Keep it simple.  The idea that you might be thinking of writing your own recipe books is, well, pretty sad.

formulaic recipes

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pre packaged formulas

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Food Politics

low cost ingredients

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less is more

Food Politics


natural and organic

no added sugars

no preservatives

all natural

low cost

and calories

up, not out

low cost formulas

homemade goods

healthy oils and fats

fresh fruits and vegetables

fresh meats and fish

pasta and rice’s that are pureed rather than cooked

beans and legumes

row or red beans

nuts and seeds


Once you have your basic group of ingredients, you can pretty much expect to be able to create almost any recipe using those ingredients.  While using low cost ingredients, you will want to be sure to utilize fresh local produce whenever possible.  If cost is a bit out of your budget, you may not be able to “buy organic” but there are many organic options that are reasonable in price.

A good tip is to utilize all types of produce.  Fresh produce is relatively inexpensive.  Most fruits and vegetables are fairly inexpensive per pound.  A pound of bananas costs roughly the same price as $100 for a cow.  So berries, apples, and oranges are all fairly inexpensive.  preceding items usually have a cheaper price tag than the following ones.

This is not to say that you should only buy fresh, whole, organic produce.  Many of these fruits and vegetables can be grown in your สล็อตเว็บตรง own backyard, or be purchased from local farmers.  Furthermore, many of these can be preserved in various ways.  Whether you shop at the supermarket or you grow your own, it’s still important to take into consideration the impact of each purchase you make.  When you take the first step towards incorporating a more organic diet, you will be amazed at how far the plan can stretch.  Consider storing a few baskets, and you will have elements for 3-6 months in your home.  That’s a lot of savings.

It’s not difficult to get into the habit of thinking twice about treating yourself to expensive treats.  Why do you want so much candy and candy from outside the home?  This is not bad for the health, and it can be done!

Additionally, sometimes it’s fun to treat yourself for the day.  Who wouldn’t want to hear that their favorite candy is available in a tasty little jar, as long as they were made by someone other than their own hands.  There is a saying about gifts that “It’s the thought that counts,” and these presents show the recipient that their gift was made with them in mind.  These make great holiday, birthday or housewarming gifts.

It is the ideal counterpart to a present of the opposite sex.  Any gender-based candy, gourmet or cooking present is an ideal present for a male or female.  So, if you’re considering getting a candy jar, now is the perfect time to make that decision.  Find a sweet shop that offers custom jars for all your needs.  Some places even offer pretty jars that smell like tropical flowers.  They make a unique and creative gift option, which is why so many people choose to give them as gifts.

It is the ideal alternative to trying to impress a date.  Try to see if you can find a good, local candy store that is sure to impress when you go in.  If not, try to build your confectionsumption over time.

Food Politics